Players prefer receiving small bonuses many times rather than receiving single large bonus one time.

Most Online Casino players are smart they do not prefer to sign in on those sites provided by industry leaders and large companies but they prefer to sign in on those sites which are small companies and the rules to provide bonus are not very stringent unlike the large companies which provide very high bonus but the rules which the player need to follow might be very stringent and the player might fail in following the rules hence the players do prefer to sign in those small companies which provide liberal bonuses to their players and do not have much restrictions levied on the site which makes the claim for bonus very easy top 10 no deposit bonus codes Thus the players feel receiving small bonuses many times is better than receiving a very high bonus only once and that too the players are not very sure whether the high bonus will be provided to them.JC2Win

The players also feel that online casino bonus provided by large companies is not very common only few are selected and the bonuses are provided to them and rest players are left with nothing.
Few players are very smart they do undertake to do research and they gauge the requirements of the company and if they feel that they are able to meet those requirements then they sign in those sites and play for some time and then collect their online casino.

Players do ensure that they do spend their valuable time on a company site which will appreciate them by providing loyalty bonus rather playing on those sites which does not appreciate the players by providing them loyalty bonus who spend their valuable time playing eurogrand casino online

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