Latest developments in the online casino world

Online casino industry is flooded with innovative games and promotions. Innovations and technological processes never seem to end or fade away, which keeps this industry constantly evolving. Also the perception of countries towards online gambling industry is changing, which again keeps the casinos in news. The latest online casino news is regarding the amazing bonuses that are being given by the Lucky Red casino. It is offering bonuses in four different sets to its players, during the period from 11th September to 13th September. The first bonus code is for table games, video poker and blackjack, while the remaining three are for keno, scratch cards and slots, with different deposit requirements. Virgin Casino has also launched a new promotional event, named as Stamp Card Sizzler, which will remain available from 10th September to 14th September. Players can collect their stamps and claim bonuses for them at the end of the week. During the meantime, Top game software company has launched a new slot game named as ‘Wild Sevens’. Actually, this game is an extension of the previous 3-reel slot game of the same name. The company has converted the classic ‘Wild Sevens’ slot into video slot, with five reels, but retained the original symbols of the game, i.e. fruit symbols. Apart from this, the casino Blackjack Ballroom has introduced the Steinfest slot game to celebrate the Oktoberfest with its players, while Bovada casino has launched Birds of Fury slot game. The game shows furious birds, which do not like players winning all their money. A lot more is happening in the online casino world and you need to get hold of these opportunities to enjoy the best of these games and promotions.

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