How to Adapt to Live Betting: A Gambler’s Guide

First, you have to know the following names: A live bet is identical to “live betting”, “live betting” and “live bet”, English terms used by bookmakers not available in French. The live bet is simply the contraction of the term “bet” and “direct”, so bet in real time.

The Advantages of Live Betting:

Then, the undeniable advantage of a live bet is to be able to bet at your bookmaker or your bookmakers, during the course of a match based on your intuition on the conduct of a sports match. The live bet provides a fantastic exhilaration.

On the other hand, like all the good things, there is one side of the coin: Indeed, the odds of a match fluctuate very quickly. Try the gdwbetthai site; you will be very surprised climbs and descents quotations. This is all the interest of this type of online bet that generates an adrenaline overflowing!

How to Win

To bet with this method, you have to be very sharp, lively and above all, to master these emotions. This form of online betting is excellent and suddenly, all bookmakers have generated the desire to offer all their customers this option, which previously was only available on the Austrian sports betting site.

Like what, the experience of this bookmaker has made emulators and it is no coincidence that this site is ranked first in the world.

An example of a live bet: During these first 15 minutes, given the liveliness of the “blues”, we could have bet live on a “small” 1-0 in favor of the France team. This bet seemed rather logical considering the course at the beginning of the meeting.

Nevertheless, considering also the fiasco of “blues” in previous matches, the confidence of supporters, which we are also part, has slowed us down for this live bet.



A live or live bet will temper your ardor, your optimism. It is imperative to channel your emotions. And of course, the more knowledge you have in the world of sport, the more you optimize your live bets, it’s obvious.

Then come into play after this first goal, the behavior of the players of the 2 teams, their morals and their games on the field of course. This information may decide you to make a live bet, whether for one or the other team.

So, to conclude with this example, a judicious live bet must never be managed by these emotions, but exclusively respectively to specific information collected during the course of a meeting, and also in relation to his repertoire of knowledge.

Note that you cannot bet live at a bookmaker during events that arise during the game: a goal for example, an expulsion, a girl who goes naked, A second ball put on the ground and well other surprises related to football games. It’s the same for other sports.

Is the Live Bet a Marketing Weapon of Online Bookmakers?

The bookmakers know how to use this weapon when it is necessary: ​​email, SMS, site with a part sighted integrated for only the live bets and even the course of the match in video with, of course, the icons to bet live and the quotations which vary from minute to minute.