Free Slots – Online gaming’s new phenomenon

The fastest-growing phenomenon in the world of online gaming seems to be that of free slots. Players in cyberspace are playing online slots for the sheer fun and socialisation of it – and it’s growing like Topsy.

One of the fastest-growing sites in the UK is that of  which has a lot of free slots to choose from. The site seems to do well due to its creativity and off-the-wall branding. It is perhaps best-known for its use of former Eastenders landlady Barbra “Babs” Windsor in promoting its online Bingo games. But it’s the world of free slots that is really taking off.

Players play for free using only virtual coins across a whole range of suitably off-the-wall game ideas. What the site is seeing is a lot of friendly competition by players playing its games via Facebook – with their Facebook friends, in vying with each other to see who can amass the biggest fortune over time.

But at the same time, should you decide to share a few of your coins with your Facebook friends, this will help you progress more quickly through the games’ different levels – so you may have to show a little generosity to do well yourself. So in many ways, the games mimic real life. But at the same time, they’re certainly larger than life!

Take, for example, one of Jackpotjoy’s most famous free slot machine games, the “Double Bubble”. This 20-line bubbly free slot has a top prize of 20,000 times whatever you decide to bet, so you could quickly steal a march on the online competition. And you can quickly and easily see your friendly competition via a bar at the bottom of your screen which shows you which of your Facebook friends are playing the free slot – or you can invite them to play and share a few of your coins with them.

This is the same in all Jackpotjoy’s free online slots with Facebook. At Tiki Island, for example, which has a real South Pacific Island theme, there’s a sense of a paradise island about things with bright graphics showing Tiki the Monkey, exotic flowers, coconuts, brightly coloured Puffer fish and even a tribal warrior. This free slot with a tropical twist is one of the UK’s most popular games. But there are many more to choose from and it seems we’re lapping the up in ever increasing numbers. For those who prefer to play real money online slots there is always

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