The Different Forms of Online Casino Bonus

Bonus offers are given by online casinos to help players get more opportunities to play and learn the online games on offer. Bear in mind that not every online casino bonus can be cashed. There are those that are basically virtual money and you can only use them to play games on the site and increase your chances of winning real money. There are different types of bonus offers given by online casinos. Be sure to visit Roxy Palace for an online casino Canada.


  • No deposit bonuses: This online casino bonus is given to players even without depositing any money. As soon as you open an account with the online casino, you will be given the first few chips to get started. This bonus is free and straightforward and you must take advantage of it by using it to understand the site, upgrade your skills, and familiarize with the rules of any game you play.


  • Deposit bonuses: These bonus offers are given to players whenever they deposit money on their accounts. For instance, if you make an initial deposit, you will be given a first deposit bonus. Other casinos also give bonuses whenever players deposit money into their account. There are sites, which give conditions that dictate how the player will receive the bonus. For instance, there are sites, which ask players to write an email requesting for the bonus before they can receive it. In order to withdraw this bonus, the player must also follow certain conditions outlined by the site. You must check them prior to accepting any bonuses.


  • Regular bonuses: Some online casinos give players bonuses on a monthly and weekly basis. For instance, you can get a monthly online casino bonus when you make your first deposit of the month or week. These kinds of bonuses will help you to play longer at the casino and master different games. You can also be given a bonus if you refer a friend to sign up at the online casino site. The online casino bonus is cashed in your account as soon as the person you refer makes the initial deposit.


  • Loyalty bonuses: There are online casinos, which give players who have been with them for a long time loyalty bonus offers. In such cases, players are given a percentage of their deposits based on the amount of time they have been playing at the site. However, the rules differ significantly so it is important to check the terms and conditions of the online casino.


The latest trend in casino based gambling

Gambling in casinos is not a new trend, but it has existed from years. With the advancement in technologies, these casinos have been customized according to the needs of different mediums and made available on different platforms. While the traditional, land based casinos are still functioning in their full might, they have been given very strong competition from online casinos, TV casinos and live dealer casinos. The live casinos are an extension of online casinos, whereas the TV casinos have their separate niche market. These TV casinos are the best way of playing casino games live, from the comfort of your own home. These games are broadcasted live on some specific channels of your television and you can tune on to them and follow the instructions given, to enjoy a stress free gaming session. To get the best information about these live casinos on your television and to know their complete details, you can log on to and simply look for what you want to know. There are three leading providers for TV casino service, Jackpot247, Smart Live casino and SuperCasino and you will find their complete details here. The information is not only limited to the TV casinos, but also covers the details and reviews of best online casinos and casino providing live dealer games. The website also covers the details of the three most popular live games, i.e. baccarat, blackjack and roulette and you can find the methods of playing these games and tricks that will help you in understanding and making most of the live games. Other than this information, the website also has direct links to the most revered casinos, and you can get great bonus offers by joining those casinos, by following the links given here. So, with TV casino, you can enjoy the best bonuses, and get the best information while sitting in your home.

Free Slots – Online gaming’s new phenomenon

The fastest-growing phenomenon in the world of online gaming seems to be that of free slots. Players in cyberspace are playing online slots for the sheer fun and socialisation of it – and it’s growing like Topsy.

One of the fastest-growing sites in the UK is that of  which has a lot of free slots to choose from. The site seems to do well due to its creativity and off-the-wall branding. It is perhaps best-known for its use of former Eastenders landlady Barbra “Babs” Windsor in promoting its online Bingo games. But it’s the world of free slots that is really taking off.

Players play for free using only virtual coins across a whole range of suitably off-the-wall game ideas. What the site is seeing is a lot of friendly competition by players playing its games via Facebook – with their Facebook friends, in vying with each other to see who can amass the biggest fortune over time.

But at the same time, should you decide to share a few of your coins with your Facebook friends, this will help you progress more quickly through the games’ different levels – so you may have to show a little generosity to do well yourself. So in many ways, the games mimic real life. But at the same time, they’re certainly larger than life!

Take, for example, one of Jackpotjoy’s most famous free slot machine games, the “Double Bubble”. This 20-line bubbly free slot has a top prize of 20,000 times whatever you decide to bet, so you could quickly steal a march on the online competition. And you can quickly and easily see your friendly competition via a bar at the bottom of your screen which shows you which of your Facebook friends are playing the free slot – or you can invite them to play and share a few of your coins with them.

This is the same in all Jackpotjoy’s free online slots with Facebook. At Tiki Island, for example, which has a real South Pacific Island theme, there’s a sense of a paradise island about things with bright graphics showing Tiki the Monkey, exotic flowers, coconuts, brightly coloured Puffer fish and even a tribal warrior. This free slot with a tropical twist is one of the UK’s most popular games. But there are many more to choose from and it seems we’re lapping the up in ever increasing numbers. For those who prefer to play real money online slots there is always

Top 5 Casino Games

Casino games come in many different forms and some are more popular than others. In this article we’re going to give you an overview of some of the most popular scommesse online casino games across the world:

Slots: Walk into any casino in the world or log onto any major online site and you’ll be greeted by a huge array of slot machines. These games are highly popular not only because they are easy to play but because they offer some enticing rewards. Progressive jackpot machines can payout upwards of $1 million; something that many punters are attracted to, especially if it only costs a few cents to take a spin.

Blackjack: In terms of table kasyno games, blackjack is arguably the most popular. Its simple mechanics and speed of play make it an attractive proposition for anyone wanting to make a quick buck. Not only that but this game offers the more skilful players the chance to negate the casino’s edge and make some serious money.

Roulette: Roulette tables are often some of the most busy and lively inside a casino as they offer a sense of anticipation that very few games offer. Placing your money on a selection of numbers and waiting to see where the ball lands is a thrill that very few casino games can match. Moreover, it’s the reason why roulette is enjoyed by the entire spectrum of casino visitors.

Casino War: Much like blackjack, casino war is popular due to its simple nature and speedy play. The main aim of the game is to have a higher card than the dealer, which means that even the most inexperienced gambler can grasp the game quickly. On top of this it represents a great opportunity to make some quick cash.

Craps: High rollers often like to play craps and their exploits often draw a crowd. The theatrical nature of the game makes it one that is both enjoyable to watch and play. While the rules of the game are a little more complex than others, there’s still a huge amount of interest in this game.
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