A few tips on the behavior and game of the offline table

In order to successfully play offline poker, you need a good understanding of the game, and for this, of course, it’s best to train the game for online tables and bring it to a less acceptable level. The first thing you need to be prepared for is the variety of types of your opponents. There will also be encountered weak players who come just to relax and have a good time, and strong regulars, which in due time reached a good level in online, but now actively storm live tournaments.

The second point is a rather aggressive game. It is due to the fact that in offline there are fewer hands in a unit of time, so it’s almost impossible to sit tight here unless, of course, AA and KK come to you through the distribution. This is especially true for one-day tournaments, where the very structure of raising the level of blinds forces players to play aggressive poker.


You need to know your Opponents

A frequent phenomenon at the beginning of a live tournament will be a huge number of limps. Absolute majority of players will initially play a large number of hands; accordingly very often they will go into the bank with rather controversial hands. In order to understand the manner of their game, you are not advised listening to music in headphones or actively using your gadget. Better instead, watch your opponents closely and try to find some Tells on them.

Young players who play online will play Joker 123 or ABC poker, style of play when a person uses basic moves and decisions. Against such players, it’s easy to play, since there are already contrived strategies for confrontation against any ABC game.

Offline regulars are another type of players that you will meet quite often in your tournament way. They are much harder to beat. As a rule, offline registrations are well versed in poker math and play loose-aggressive style. In addition, they are never pressured by buy-in tournaments, so almost always they will show their best game. With them, you must be extremely careful and cautious.

Facing Friends at the Desk

The ethics of offline games are very important, and it is very important to comply with it. Live tournament is not one hour, and you will be transplanted from the table to the table as you progress along the tournament track. There are always players who like to joke and communicate. Expert advice to all does not neglect to communicate at a live table, but only in small banks or in breaks. Communication is the best way to overcome excessive excitement. Among other things, communicating with an opponent, you can always learn a couple of Tells about him and give false Tells about yourself.